When you invest in a new pair of fine quality premium leather shoe, you want to last for years and years to come. While shoes will not last forever, with proper care, conditioning, creams and using essential products like cedar shoe trees – we can get pretty close to the eternity mark.

Why Should I Use Cedar Shoe Trees?

While wearing your premium leather shoes, it is a natural process for our feet to release moisture and salts. The byproduct of this moisture and salt the shoe’s vamp (the area where the main portion of your foot rests) will contract while the sole will rise upwards. Basically your shoe is shrinking. High quality cedar shoe trees will absorb this moisture, mitigate the salts and maintain the shape of the shoe (those dreaded creases that develop) – avoiding shrinkage. And guys we all know about “shrinkage”

When to Use Cedar Shoe Trees?

It is best to insert your shoe tree immediately after wearing. In doing this the shoe, while still in a heated and moist state will maintain its shape. It is vital that you are using a premium shoe tree (cedar material is best) that fits the shape of your premium calfskin shoes.

Benefits of Using Cedar Shoe Trees?

1. Shoe trees maintain your shoe size and shape. Cedar shoe tree can also prevent your shoes from developing creases if used from the onset. Shoe trees are the number one accessory that the well-dressed man should by using. Well, shoe creases just look sloppy.

2. Cedar shoe trees absorb the moisture and salts that occur naturally from the foot. Moisture and salts that remain to dry naturally over the course of time will definitely reduce the lifespan and enjoyment of your shoes.

3. Shoe trees are an extra pair of hands. While you are shining your shoes, having shoe trees inserted will make the job so much easier. Because the tree is filling your shoe, you are able to brush and shine your shoes more effectively.

4. Cedar wood is a very soft and aromatic wood. It smells amazing, and produces the oil, Thujaplicin. This is the smell that repels moths and other pests. Thujaplicin also contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. So, when you can store your shoes with cedar shoes trees inserted in the same space as you wool and wool blend suits for an added benefit. Every 6 months or so I will generally lightly sand my cedar trees to reactivate the fresh cedar smell.

How is the Cedar Shoe Tree Constructed?

Shoe trees that are designed from the cedar tree typically have three separate components. The vamp of the tree will match standard business style footwear and will have a spring-loaded adjustable toe so the device will fit properly in the vamp filling the space.

The center section of a premium shoe tree should have spring-loaded tension for an optimal fit front to back – this also aides in insertion of the tree. Last, a counter cap that is rounded gives the ability for the tree to have pressure from heel to toe, fully filling the toe cap area making an inadvertent accident in the closet – avoidance of the dreaded toe cap getting crushed.

Lastly, a premium shoe tree should have some sort of ventilation. Like a concave vamp, and/or slits on top of the vamp, or holes on the side of the vamp to ensure that you will get air circulation inside the insole.

Wrapping it up

Using cedar shoe trees have many benefits for longevity of your premium leather shoes. They will give your shoes that slight edge – so you can enjoy them (and show them off) for years to come. When you invest in premium shoes, you must invest in premium accessories to go along with them. Until next time.


In the sections below we will show snippets of Recent Amazon Reviews,  Pros & Cons of Using Cedar Shoe Trees, a video tutorial on how to use Cedar Shoe Trees, and a brief tutorial on the benefits.  To the right of the video there will be a link to purchase, or research if you need more information.  Keep it Shiny.

Recent Amazon Reviews

cedar shoe tree review

Pros & Cons of Cedar Shoe Trees

  • Maintains Shape
  • Avoids Shrinkage
  • Avoids Creases in Vamp
  • Many Happy Years/Miles
cedar shoe tree
  • You Question if you really need them
  • I need a shoe tree for all of my shoes?
  • Added Expense

Tutorial & Where to Buy

Here is a tutorial on the use of Cedar Shoe Trees.  We have also listed our recommendation if you want to purchase.  They come as a pair, or a two pack (saves money)

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