How to Take Care of Leather Shoes – What’s in Your Box?  A Beginner’s Guide

How to Take Care of Leather Shoes – What’s in Your Box? A Beginner’s Guide

When you are a stylish man, and you are rockin’ premium quality calfskin leather shoes – knowing how to take care of leather shoes is not just a maybe – it is a must. In this article we will discuss the shoe care product supplies you need to take care of leather shoes. Let’s get shiny.

What Shoe Care Products do I Need – The Minimum?

I will discuss the minimum needed shoe care products, as well as the next level – nice to have supplies.shoe shine kit When you are starting out building your shoe shine kit it is ok to start with the minimum. Although we are talking about minimum amount of products, I do recommend that each piece you add to your shoe shine kit is of premium quality.

We can slowly build our kits, but you are building with quality products. Premium level shoe care products will last you for years to come. Even the polishes and creams will last quite a while before needing replacement. So take your time building your premium shoe shine kit.

The minimum shoe care products you will need are: A pair of cedar shoe trees, a shoe horn, a horse hair shoe brush, shoe polish cream the closest shade possible to your pigment of shoe. If an exact match is not available, don’t fret, a lighter shade down will be sufficient. The general rule is to go down a shade, rather than darker a shade.

Next, you’ll need a wax polish. A very low cost item that is good to have in your starter shine kit is a water sprayer. The water will be used to get that high gloss shine. Another very important item will be a leather conditioner to nourish your calfskin leather shoes. Last item will be a cotton polish cloth. Those are the minimum supplies needed for your starter shoe shine kit.

Kick your shoe shine kit up a notch

If looking to step up to the next level in your shoe shine kit I would recommend the following: a horsequality hair shoe brush for both the brown tones, and black shoes. I would also add a “dirty brush” this is a horse hair brush (typically 1” long bristles) that is used to knock down visibly dirty shoes. When the shoes get really dusty/dirty if you use your regular horse hair brush, the dirt can embed in the hairs combined with the polish and potentially scratch your premium leather shoes.

Horse hair welt brushes are next. This allows adding wax polish to the threads of the shoe welt. These shoe threads can get dry and brittle, the welt brush allows wax to penetrate and lubricate the welt threads. You should also add saddle soap to your upgraded shoe shine kit. Last, would be weatherproofing supplies such as: sole conditioner, and dubbin.

The Shoe Shine Box What Size do I Need?

I remember years back my kids bought me a shoe shine box for Father’s Day. It was a small box, slide out top had some “K” word products in it. It was from my Children, so I still have that box to this day, just without the “K” word products. I’ll post a picture below.

shoe shine box

This box does not enough room to store my products, but it’s from the kids. So you Dads out there — you know…

A shoe shine box should have enough room to store your brushes, waxes, polishes, edge dye, etc. If you have a large supply of products your options would be to have a custom box made to your needed specifications, or two off the shelf shoe shine boxes.

Or what I do – I keep my polishes, waxes, edge dressing, saddle soap etc in the shine box. The Horse hair brushes, daubers, welt brushes and shine cloths in a rubber maid plastic container. The shine box is in the master bedroom on display next to the dresser. The rubber maid container is hidden in the closet and brought out when I get my shine on.

Wrapping it up

Shining your own shoes is fun, relaxing and mesmerizing.   Having quality shoe care products makes taking care of y0ur premium leather shoes even more enjoyable.  Invest in quality products, you will get valuable use from them for years to come.  If you would like to learn how to use each product follow the link here.

Is there anything in a basic beginner box that you think I didn’t mention?  What do you have in your shoe shine box?  I’d like to know.  Until next time…

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